MALE CORE Bodywork

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  • 90 min - $110
  • 2 Hours - $170

About MALE CORE Bodywork

MALE CORE Bodywork is a well defined system of muscular/soft tissue correction using a precise series of movements that aid in the recovery and maintenance of damaged muscle and soft tissue in the abdominal/pelvic region. This is an area known as the “CORE” of the human body because of all the important components (muscles, glands, organs, as well as muscle and nerve conjunctions) located there. This “CORE” houses our center of gravity and plays a key role in respiration, digestion, reproduction, and elimination.

The Therapy has been developed by two therapist based on readings from the book: Out in the Open – THE COMPLETE MALE PELVIS by R. Louis Schultz.

“Reading this book was an eye opener and I recieved the work and felt much relief in the Core area of my body. There were even psychological aspects to the work for me in addition to the actual bodywork.”


  • Activates detoxification process in “CORE” beginning on a cellular level.
  • Clears congestion from and releases strictures around glands & organs.
  • Decreases inflammation and toxic congestion in muscle and soft tissue.
  • Re-establishes cellular exchange.
  • Delivers lymphatic fluid to the cell for re-moisturizing dry muscle tissue.
  • Individualizes muscle and soft tissue fibers for independent function.
  • Loosens and frees adhesions within and outside of muscle bundles.
  • Releases entrapped nerves and blood vessels in hard muscle and tissues.


  • Increased bladder control/reduction in urination frequency (72 year old)
  • Decrease of bloating and “gas” in gastrointestinal tract (33 year old)
  • Increased flexibility in legs, hips and low back (55 year old client)
  • More long term regularity in bowel movements (62 year old client)
  • Easier breathing patterns with larger intake of oxygen (44year old client)
  • Reduction of frequency and severity of back spasms (25 year old)


SKIN: Improves circulation system to the skin; helps moisturize dry, flaky, scaly skin; clears superficial fascia layer of congestion directly under skin; improves sores, acne and other skin eruptions.

SKELETON: Clears deposits and debris from old bone injuries; keeps bone deposits from building up; detects and corrects adherent muscles causing or resulting from structural imbalances; allows for improved posture and a stronger, more dynamic stance.

MUSCLES: Corrects damaged muscles; separates adherent fibers; releases entrapment of nerves and blood vessels; softens hard, fibrous muscle tissue; allows for wastes to be removed; restores muscles and soft tissues after injury (trauma) or abuse (overuse); promotes healing of soft tissue diseases and irritations such as fibrosis, myositis and prostitis; relieves pain; restores health on a cellular level for general health and vitality.

NERVOUS: Releases entrapment of nerves in soft tissue; reduces inflammation and congestion along pathway or nerve; relaxes nervous conditions like anxiety, hyperactivity, etc.; relieves nerve pain.

ENDOCRINE: Drains the glands which can be reached and allow for reflex access to glands which cannot be reached; opens up dry muscle cells so that endocrine hormones can reach their “end sites”; relieves general sluggishness and restrictions in the soft tissues which allows for enhanced function of the endocrine system.

CARDIOVASCULAR: Relieves entrapment of blood vessels; opens up dry muscles for capillary exchange; softens hard blood vessels; restores muscle damage allowing for improved pumping of muscles against blood vessels; improves overall circulation.

LYMPHATIC: Releases entrapped lymphatic vessels; drains sluggish lymph nodes; softens harder nodes; improves overall lymphatic circulation.

URINARY: Relieves spasm and restriction of the psoas muscle which houses the kidney; releases restrictions from bladder area in pelvic floor; makes contact with reflex areas which promote urinary system health and balance.


MALE CORE Bodywork was developed as a preventative healthcare therapy

However, because of its powerful overall effects it can be used to address the following conditions:

  • Adhesions
  • Atrophy
  • Constipation
  • Core organ function (kidneys, bladder, etc.)
  • Fibrosis
  • Low back pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Improve overall trunk stability

MALE CORE Bodywork can make a positive impact on the health of the glands and organs that affect one’s health and well-being.. MALE CORE Therapy has been highly successful in addressing CORE Muscular problems in older males and for young men CORE Therapy is an excellent way of educating yourself about your own body and how to take care of it in order to maintain long term optimum health.

Having a MALE CORE Bodywork session is one of the BEST things a man can do for himself to regain and/or maintain health in the body’s “CORE,” i.e. the abdominal/pelvic area.