Non-Traditional Services


A well defined system of muscular/soft tissue correction using a precise series of movements that aid in the recovery and maintenance of damaged muscle and soft tissue in the abdominal/pelvic region.


Fee Structure: 

  • 1½ Hour Session – $140
  • 2 Hour Session – $205


The therapist guides your body through a flowing sequence of yoga-based stretches, while applying rhythmic pressure along the energy pathways and points.


Fee Structure: 

  • 1 Hour Session -$90
  • 1.5 Hour Session – $120
  • 2 Hour Session – $190

A New Approach

Unique  and effective my non-traditional approaches have offered many of my clients relief and healing.

Therapy Options

Thai Massage Bodywork works with energy and meditative states, allowing you to wipe away the stresses of life.  Read more.

Male Core Bodywork is a preventative therapy tuned to the specific needs of the male body. Whatever stage of life you are in this therapy can help you live your best life. Read more.

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Please bear in mind that if you arrive late it may not allow for your full scheduled time, due to other clients that follow your session.


Please provide 24 hr notice to avoid bring billed. I only charge $40 for a session canceled without 24 hr notice not the rate of the massage that was booked and cancelled and not rescheduled. There is NO fee if within 24 hours another session is booked. No shows no calls are billed the full rate of the session that was booked and canceled and not rescheduled. All fees must be paid before the next massage can be booked.